Dear all,
I╩can't apologise╩enough for the length of time between my updates but I had a fall in the house a year ago this month and broke my hip, I have fallen many times before╩and although I've used my buzzer to get help to get me up on my feet again, I knew this time was different. My son came and waited with me for the community alarm team to arrive and when they came they called an ambulance and I was taken into Ninewells Hospital in Dundee where my hip was pinned and had screws put in, I was kept in for two weeks then transferred to Whitehills Hospital in Forfar where I had another two falls so was in there for an extra two weeks, then mid November I was allowed home.
I was only home for four days when I had yet another fall, this time on my coccyx. The pain was excruciating, I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy! Then covid 'stepped' in, so anyone that came to visit had to leave whatever they brought me at the door with the nurses. My physio suffered because we weren't allowed out of our rooms and the nurses had to bring whichever meal it was, all at the one time so invariably my tea was cold when I eventually drank it.
But, I eventually got home with a care package in place, so now I have lovely carers who come in three times a day and make my meals for me. But I must say, I am fed up with microwave meals all the time, as the girls aren't allowed to use the oven, although some of my friends sometimes make meals for me which is great.
As for my singing, I decided to stop Angus Folk after ten happy years, the reason being, the ladies I used to travel with are not able to lift my wheelchair into their cars. Everyone is getting older and more infirm. But there is a chance I may get back to sing with Spectrum, the other choir I used to sing with. Unfortunately I don't get out very often, although my two sisters are coming to take me out to lunch next month and my friend John often comes to visit on a Saturday and we go out for lunch too. A rehabilitation centre contacted me yesterday to ask if I would be interested in going to visit them with a view to taking part in some activities there.
So folks, I am slowly adapting to this new way of life, but it's very hard and at times I think I have no quality of life anymore. But I mustn't grumble; there others much worse off than me.
Please forgive me for taking so long to update my website,
With Much Love,
Norma x
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