Hi Everyone,

Sorry for my silence, there are no excuses except time passing so quickly and my hectic social life, plus the fact I've had several falls over the past six months, nothing broken; just bruised and shaken but "I live to tell the tale" as the saying goes!
I'm still singing with Angus Folk and at the moment we are practising for our summer concert on 25 June. Four Scots and a Geordie will be performing at the concert too but we're not sure if Mary ( the Geordie ) will manage to be there due to having had a knee replacement on Monday and expecting to get home later this week. But, as Marjory now has a new guide dog, it could be Four Scots and a 'Dug'!
Our wee group has been on the go now for just about a year. We know this because our first gig was at St Margaret's Summer Fayre and we've been asked to do it again this year on 15 June.
The gigs I mentioned in my last update went well, apart from the one in the church, ( they were both in churches)  where our wee group were absolutely frozen. However, it seemed we were the 'strars' of the night!
Now on to my memoirs. They are now finished, apart from little things with which I hope the publisher will help me tomorrow. I still have to scan my photograghs and my daughter Andrea has done the artwork for them. I love what she has created. I found it quite a chore, but now that it's nearing the end, I'm happy. Martine Nouet wrote the foreword for me.
So keep an eye out for my memoirs and remember that all the profits will be going to the Brain Tumour Society. I've mentioned before that the charity is woefully underfunded, even though brain tumours are the biggest killer of children and adults under forty.
so with that in mind, I need to have my lunch now.

Take care everyone,
With Love,
Norma x