Hi Everyone,
I was checking when I last updated and it looks like I haven't done so since my trip to Islay with Dorothy and Arthur at the end of May/ beginning of June. That's a long time ago, so my apologies for this, but the time passes so quickly!
Anyway, I am now part of a group called "Four Scots and a Geordie" all members of Angus Folk. Mary Ward is the Geordie. We have sung at a couple of gigs, but I don't expect there will be too many others, but we love singing together under Marjory's lead. Singing, in our minds, is about enjoyment and we do enjoy ourselves very much at our once weekly practice sessions at each other's houses.
As for my health, well I ended up in Ninewells Hospital back in August with a suspected mini-stroke, I was kept in for two nights and had three different types of scan, none of which showed anything. This occured the day after receiving the all-clear from my six monthly brain scan, so I don't know what had caused me to speak╩intermittently for the best part of a day. All I know I was very tired for about a week after this episode, but I'm back to normal now ( whatever normal is.)
╩ I'm still singing and playing regularly in the house just to keep my fingers supple and the tips of my fingers╩hard, which seems to be working, as they are now much less painful.
I hope to finish my memoirs in the New Year and any profits will be donated to the Brain Tumour Charity which is woefully underfunded. What little I can do for them will, I hope, be worth it.
So that's all my news for the time being. I know it's not much, but it keeps everyone up to date with what's going on in my life. To those of you who read my updates, take care.
Norma xx