Saturday 3 & Sunday 4 October, Port Ellen Primary School

Children's Authors

Vivian French
vivian french

Fun for all ages. Vivian will entertain all comers. Wee ones bring Mummies, Granny or Aunties or even your Dad.
Everyone will take part in a mix of songs, storytelling and pictures (badly drawn; children will be required to help out!) and a story that you all make up together. No pens or pencils needed, just wild imaginations!

Caroline Clough
caroline clough

An Adventure into Storytelling. Come on a journey of discovery, learning the building blocks of turning your own ideas into your own amazing stories.
Caroline will be using her successful books Red Fever and Black Tide.

Simon Puttock
simon puttock

A Dip into Words Simon will be reading from his popular books and trying hard to answer all your questions. Something will be created and it will probably be very odd!

Explore the hidden world of fairy tales through comics, with the Metaphrog duo. They will discuss their new graphic novel, The Red Shoes and Other Tales, a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's classic. Learn the secrets of their creative process and inspirations, pick up tips on how to make your own comics and more, in a lively and interactive session.

All children's sessions are free of charge